Join the pilot-poet, Yeats

by Rod Smith

William Butler Yeats, the pilot-poet, used the term “lonely impulse of delight” to express the thrill he knew when flying. I’d suggest you (we) can join the pilot while having your feet firmly on terra firma.

You’re imbedded with powerful impulses of delight. There’s a set of really strong enduring and strapping desires that come downloaded with your humanity. They are aching to be expressed from within your beautiful heart to all the world around you.

With backbone, commitment, and practice – and the willingness to learn and to make mistakes – finding and acting on your imbedded impulses can become elemental to your thinking and to your behavior and rid you of all your inhumanity. In concert, these impulses can become daily habits and shape the way you see yourself and the way others see and treat you, and given practice and grace, you will live a joyful existence and be a delight to know.

The impulses of generosity, forgiveness, the impulse to spread goodness and kindness, to offer and to desire respect, and the impulse to discover, explore, and take adventurous risks are living within you.

As you exercise each, even in the smallest, most tentative ways, your heart will be right up there with the Yeats and your feet will be ever more firmly on the ground.

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