Our story – live, for you?

by Rod Smith


Thanks for your interest in the Smith Family Story. Thulani (20) and I travel and speak about our lives and topics relating to adoption, healthy family relationships, healthy communication, and race. My second son Nathanael (16) usually travels with us. Speaking to an audience (although he has) is not (yet) his thing.

I am a single Caucasian South African, reared under Apartheid. My two African American sons, neither of whom did I expect to parent, have been with me since each was newborn. Together, we have traveled extensively, upwards of about 30 countries, where I have taught Family Therapy.

During the summer of 2014 while we were in Swaziland and in South Africa. Thulani (16) began, quite spontaneously, to share the platform with me.

Thulani’s ease with an audience, his comfort in telling his moving story, opened my eyes to the power of my intentionally sharing the platform with him in the future.

Our preferred topics relate to Race, Adoption, Empowering Adopted Children, and Parenting from Strength, Love, and Power, and Trans-racial Adoption and Parenting.

My daily newspaper editorial column, which focuses on healthy family relationships and healthy living, has appeared in South Africa’s, The Mercury, for the past 17 years, making it one of the longest running editorials in that country.

We live in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Our presentation style is very relaxed. We do not dump a rehearsed message. We are highly process-oriented – working with the people and topic at hand. I have addressed crowds of 5 to 5000 and Thulani and I together have addressed thousands of people, adolescents and adults, in South Africa.

Our preferred one-time events are those that help YOU raise funds or awareness for a beloved cause. Our fees include travel, accommodation, and a negotiated honorarium. We also do weekend camps, preach at churches, and teach Sunday Schools.

Please contact me at RodESmith122@gmail.com or call USA 317 694 8669. You may also reach me through http://www.Facebook.com/RodESmith.


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