Other people’s stories

by Rod Smith

People often find other people’s true stories inspiring.

Please tell me your story if any of the following topics apply to you. Try to keep it to 200 or fewer words and include permission for me to run it in You and Me.

I will not print your name unless you specifically indicate you want your name included.

  • You left your spouse for another man or woman and it did, or did not, turn out well.
  • You have seen a radical change in a family member for good or for ill.
  • You were abandoned in a marriage but came back from the trauma to live really fully and well, or, if you never did really recover.
  • You are an adult who was adopted as a child and finding your birth parent(s) was, or was not, a rich and rewarding experience.
  • You left South Africa to live in another country but returned.
  • You have witnessed amazing acts of grace and forgiveness and generosity.
  • You have worked for the most difficult boss in the world and survived.
  • You have witnessed or experienced a miraculous act of friendship.
  • You found love in a most unexpected place or from a most unexpected source.

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