An educated boy……

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Wednesday – Dedicated to the students at DPHS

An educated young man…(fifteen symptoms)

1. He defines his own path, and does not follow of the pack.

2. He writes well, or is learning to; he speaks well, and, if necessary, he can command an audience; he never uses crude language.

3. He understands his personal history as much as he can and harbors no contempt for his roots.

4. He understands his cultural history, is empowered by its heroes, but is not trapped by its villains.

5. He never raises his voice at his parents or refers to his mother as “she.”

6. He respects legitimate authority, but is unafraid to appropriately question it.

7. He understands and respects the power of money.

8. He respects all women everywhere.

9. He reads broadly, or is at least learning to do so.

10. He stands up when his elders enter a room and gives up his seat to those who need it.

11. He loves and respects the environment, the sciences, and all forms of the arts.

12. He opens doors for others, and he enters dark rooms first. He never wears a hat in a building.

13. He stands on his own two feet without pushing anyone else over.

14. He loves his brain enough to protect it from harmful substances.

15. He loves and understands his body, treats it like his longest lasting and most treasured asset.

And, of course, to my own boys:

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