How to burn out…..

by Rod Smith

The Mercury – Tuesday

How to burn yourself out in a few (8) easy steps….

• Volunteer with abandon to do things you know very little about and to look good in the eyes of people you hardly know. This ratchets expectations so you have much to live up to and you can put yourself under a lot of pressure.

• Keep lots of secrets, especially those that ought not be secrets in the first place and especially those that are none of your business anyway.

• Take on problems that other competent people have already found impossible to solve. Feeling, at least for a while, as if you are Superman or Wonder Woman, can offer a real charge.

• Gossip with abandon.

• Get slap-bang in the middle of other people’s conflicts, especially if the conflicts are none of your business, and especially if the conflicts have a long history. Being the new hope on the block will get you fired up. You’ll even feel very spiritual.

• Agree to roles (at work and where you volunteer) where you have much responsibility but very little, or even no authority. Guilt and blame are a real grind, and this is one way to ensure the grind begins as soon as possible. Remember, no pain, no gain.

• Take yourself really seriously – important people with important positions and important missions have no time for recreation. Why should it be any different for you?

• Be nicer than Jesus.

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