Let’s get breakfast sometime….

by Rod Smith

I wish we knew each other and could sit together in a coffee shop or a Wimpy and chat over breakfast and hear about each other’s lives. If we could, I’d assume – knowing I could be wrong – some things about you, that are true for me, and it would make it very comfortable for us to talk:

  • You want to do better in your relationships – especially with the people who are really close to you. You want to love better, listen better, and you want to learn what it means to really get behind and support the people you love and all whom you know. We could talk about this. It’d probably be good for both of us.
  • There are times that things from your past, or even your early childhood, “visit” you. They surface in your mind, even lunge at you in your dreams, and you wonder how and where and why it is all stored within. It happens to me. I like to explore these memories. Maybe you’d like to as well.
  • You wished you could, or regret that you were not, more comfortable about loving and enjoying your parents. You so want or wanted them to happy and fulfilled but it was not easy for you to express this desire and now you face the occasional regret.

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