Red flags, green flags

by Rod Smith

Red flags

“I am so lonely and unhappy alone.”

“I don’t really know what I want I just know I want to be married.”

“All I want to do is stay home and give my life to my children.”

“He is the spiritual leader of our home and so he makes all the decisions.”


Green flags

“It would be really fun to be in a romantic relationship but I can’t imagine a life that is more fulfilling than the one I already have.”

“I want to have a sound education, land a job I can love, and marry someone as happy and fulfilled as I am.”

“Of course I will love and care for my children but making them the center of my universe is unlikely to be good for the children or for me.”

“I give up thinking for no one, especially not my husband. Both of us need my brain to be fully functioning.”

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