My mother told me my dad doesn’t love her anymore

by Rod Smith

“It has been a year since my mother told me that my father said he didn’t love her any longer. And I am still bitter. I am bitter at the fact that my own mom told this information to me. She doesn’t know how badly that hurt me. And how angry it made me. They are still together. They apparently were able to work things out. I feel that it is faked. My mother has really become someone completely different. Putting my father before her and her children. I love my parents but I have so much pent up anger and hostility that I just don’t know what to do. My mom has no job and a lot of the day she sleeps and does nothing. My dad works and is a nice man but is so unreliable and does things on his own accord. I know that these issues are theirs but it drives me crazy.”


I’d suggest you find help for yourself and allow your parents to make sense of their own lives.

While letting you in on her life with your father was clearly not in your best interests, it is done.

Begin building something you can love by dealing with your anger with someone who is equipped to help you.

4 Comments to “My mother told me my dad doesn’t love her anymore”

  1. Are your initials SRB?

  2. I;m a dad trying to figure out a similer situation my wife has taken everthing and left with everything I\m stuck alone on an arctic island for 11 monthes of the year trying to support them while she took a year off in our home province while she found work. Now she got a job said she doesn’t love me and I don’t know what to tell my son but I can’t be there if I leave now it’s not just her that loses everything it’s me.

    Basically kid i’m sorry the other parent will try to act fine but deep down they will probably feel anger hatred and all kinds of other horrible things about the one that left. Personally i’m convinced she cheated and just forgot about despite me working four jobs to pay for everything see theres the resentment. If they start saying things that you don’t want to hear tell them to stop but they should try to convince the victom parent the one in pain that it will be ok and know that no matter what your dad thinks of your mom or the other way around a decent parents love for their children is well past the point of unconditional I love my son I would die for him tomorrow if I had to your parents probably BOTH feel the same way about you. One of the biggest fears either will have is whether you;ll grow to hate them try not to let this happen if you can find a way through this so will your mom for you sake. I don’t know if this helps or not but we love you.

  3. I am having the same problem. Its just my dad doesn’t love my mom and that leads to my mom finding another guy and I hate the guy so much for infiltrating my family I just feel like killing him. But even if this is known to my dad he just doesn’t bother and keeps not patching up things with mom. And I lost all hope of saving their marriage.

  4. My mother told me that my father don’t love her again (he didn’t told her that but he is reacting like that) and I feel that to he don’t care about her I don’t know what to do so when she told me that I reacted like it is a joke and this not true but she told me you don’t know how bad you feel when your husband don’t love you (we are 4 I am a girl and I have another sister and 2 other brothers)so I told her we love you then she told me that is what important for me and I want to live for you 4. I feel from along time that my father is cheating on my mother and I think she is feeling that too but she don’t want to tell us that. I really feel bad. I don’t know what to do. 😢

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