A note to all who subscribe to this page…..

by Rod Smith

The Smiths

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support as one who reads this column (or receives it) daily.

Your readership is very important to me and I trust you continue to find my work helpful.

Please spread the word – I will never ask you for anything but to disperse what you enjoy or find challenging, to others.


Rod Smith

4 Comments to “A note to all who subscribe to this page…..”

  1. I read your column daily Rod – and I have dispersed it several times to those I thought could benefit a particular edition.

    I really liked the balloon metaphor and did send that on to most of my contact list.

  2. The Bell family all checks in with your wisdom and insights quite frequently. I pass your relevant thoughts on to Jenny and Ryan Bell in Bloomington and Christy and Dan Figurelli in Chicago. Thank you always for your insights. Ellen Bell

  3. Thank you. I truly enjoy your articles. I am trying to piece together a spirituality of Self-Differentiation. You articles are helping.
    Peace and Mahalo, John

  4. Your colomn has given me answers to difficult issues and questions during this difficult time in my life.

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