My son comments on our “little” lives…

by Rod Smith

On Sunday morning I thought we’d do the “European thing” and ride our bikes to church. (It seems to me that everyone rides bikes everywhere in Europe). So, my five and nine year old sons following closely behind me, we Smiths set out to cycle the three of four blocks through our neighborhood — and then, on arrival, we tied our bikes to a tree outside the gothic cathedral which is our church home.

It didn’t end with the ride home after the service. The boys and I decided we’d ride to the nearest coffee shop, and then onto “Kid’s Ink” the local children’s bookstore. After a snack at the Food Emporium we hit the canal and cycled through the university – before we ambled (can one “amble” on a bicycle?) our way toward home.

Tired from several hours of cycling, we pulled our bikes onto the steps leading to our front door when Thulani (9) reflected, “Daddy. I like our little lives.” When asked to enlarge on this (I am a therapist, remember) he continued, “I like it when you are not too busy to ride with us and we can stop at the park and eat snacks on the grass and.., and.., I just like our little lives.”

2 Comments to “My son comments on our “little” lives…”

  1. May we all learn to live “little” lifes! You are very blessed and wise.

  2. So sweet. Parents are so busy giving their kids “things”, when the thing they crave the most is our time and attention.

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