How to be completely sure you are going to date the right person…..

by Rod Smith

“My relationships begin well then I find out the person has a whole lot of baggage. If this continues I will be alone and never get married. Do you have any suggestions?”


There are worse conditions than singleness. If you do not believe me, ask any person trapped in a toxic marriage. To be lonely, and be married, must surely be far worse than being single and lonely.


Now to my suggestions: Next time you meet someone you’d like to date, demand a copy of his or her latest credit report, conduct an extensive interviews (in secret) with several of his or her former spouses or significant others, meet (in secret) with as many persons in his or her extended family as possible. Secure (secretively) and study a copy of his or her family tree. Insist on a full medical (try to talk to the doctor yourself). Having completed all of the above, and having found everything acceptable, agree to lunch in a well-lit restaurant. Drive separately.


To avoid all disappointment, remove all mystery and romance from your prospective relationship and, just to be sure, analyze everything to death. Then, if he or she sticks around, you (and I mean only you!) might have found yourself a winner.


3 Comments to “How to be completely sure you are going to date the right person…..”

  1. Rod’s point is very clear, we all come with baggage. The baggage is in itergal part of who we are.
    Seems that most people seem to attract the same type of people into their lifes over and over again. Why does this happen? Many reasons. One, thing you might want to look at is how or where you are meeting people. As the saying goes, can’t expect your results to change if you continue to do things the same way.

  2. That’s quite true, everyone has baggage and the older we get the MORE baggage we carry. I can relate to the inquirer; I often worry that even within my current relationship, there is too much baggage to continue forward without dredging up the past. Makes me wish I was twenty again when I just didn’t care….

  3. Many readers think this is TOTALLY serious — whereas it is only partially so!


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