Man affirms his family and is pleased he did it…

by Rod Smith

A reader writes:

“I want to tell you that I took your advice and had a meeting with my wife and family about how things are going and it turned out really well. I was nervous, but I told them I had a few important things to say and they all came to a meeting and then we had dinner together and went on our way. I told my sons and my daughters how proud I am of them, and I told my wife I was enjoying our retirement. I apologized for some of my bad days we had in the past and I told them that if it wasn’t or AA I could not have stopped drinking. Thanks for helping me say what I had to say before it is too late. I wish I had done it earlier.?

Rod responds:

Congratulations. Being this proactive regarding the most important relationships in your life will serve you, and your family, well. What you have done in finding sobriety, and in affirming your family, takes a lot of courage. Your acts of courage and kindness will have ramifications to be felt long after you have lived your good life.

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