Lies, bad language – undesirable habits, and your children

by Rod Smith

Parents: don’t lie to your children. Don’t lie for them. Don’t lie through them. The world is confusing enough without you helping to muddy the waters. Young people have enough pressure to be deceitful without mom and dad adding to their confusion.

Parents: avoid bad language. There’s nothing cute or endearing about your toddler swearing like the proverbial trooper. To come out of his mouth, the words must first have entered his ears.

Parents: if you make your child get you a beer, or your cigarettes, you are training your child in habits most adults wished they did not have. If he can get your beer and cigarettes, he’ll be getting his own before you can say, “Where did you learn that?”

Parents: be financially, sexually, spiritually faithful to your spouse and you will teach your child better lessons about life than can be learned at the finest of schools. Let “I’m sorry” and “please forgive me” be words your child frequently hears and he too might learn to say them.

Parents: repeatedly remind your child that despite your many errors and failures, it is your child and your child alone who is ultimately responsible for making his life effective, creative and fulfilling.

One Comment to “Lies, bad language – undesirable habits, and your children”

  1. Great post with some good thoughts to remember. I wish it was possible for me to be perfect before my child and model the right behaviors all the time. But, alas, that is not possible so I find myself having to say at times “Mommy was wrong – please forgive me.” I hate that I have to say it, but believe it’s important that I do.

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