The Tree

by Rod Smith

When a mammoth tree fell across our home a few years ago, almost splitting the home down the middle, I had no idea what a favor the downed tree would do for me. Seeing the damage I took a walk in the rain to adjust to the challenges I knew I had to face.

The challenge was not only in the trauma of the tree splitting the home. I would have to deal with an insurance company notorious for resisting obligations. When this is over, I decided while walking, I will be proud of my behavior and of how I have treated everybody concerned.

“The Tree,” was a landmark experience. While negotiating with the insurance company and the rebuilding and was not without significant tensions, I held my own and I did behave in a way that now makes me glad.

On that walk I decided I would not be a victim to a storm, a fallen tree, a broken house, a tough insurance company and cut-throat builders.

“Remember the tree” I tell myself when I am tempted to react like a victim. Am I always successful at this? No, unfortunately, I am not. When I am successful it certainly results in a better outcome for all concerned.

I’d love to hear of your similar experiences, landmark moments that made a deep shift within you that is paying off to this day.

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