Grace upon grace…..

by Rod Smith

Tuesday / The Mercury 

By the power of undeserved grace – given that we each live in a different country – every few years my sister and my brother and I meet.

Sometimes it is for a few days or a few weeks. It’s happened in my brother’s home in Melbourne Australia and it occurred once for a week in Switzerland.

Now we are together again in my home in Indianapolis. My brother came in for two weeks and my Durbanite sister is here for three months.

The occasion?

On Friday my youngest son graduated from primary school or grade 8 as it is here in the USA!

Yes. The boy walked down the church aisle to get his diploma when his name was called and his uncle and aunt were there, with his brother and me, to witness this pivotal event.

I could barely contain my emotions.

No one watching could have known that fifteen years ago, to the very day, I had gone to the large public hospital, legal papers in hand, and met the baby who’d by legal decree had already become my son and eased his tiny frame from the pediatric intensive care crib into the car seat I had purchased on my way to the hospital and brought him home.

Once again, the power of undeserved grace.    

2 Comments to “Grace upon grace…..”

  1. You (ALL of the Smith’s) have done well by and for each other. A fine example of love, family and grace.

  2. Enjoy your reunion and make the next one in Lovely Durban SA where you have a huge following of friends who value your inspiring column in the Mercury

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