Who leads in your extended or blended family?

by Rod Smith

It may be the person who….

Initiates meetings and facilitates conversations where there has been an ongoing conflict or a falling out. He or she is the peacemaker (one who understands some conflict may be necessary for long-term healing) and not the peacemaker (one who avoids conflict at all costs). . 

Empowers family members to take a hard and loving stand against cruel or harsh treatment at the hands of another member of the family or even someone outside of it.

Goes first. The one who is first in the family to travel or to go to university or to branch off into an area of interest or study that no one in the family has done before.

Goes back and visits childhood places and engages long-lost relatives and to hear the family stories that may have never been heard.

Demonstrates grace, generosity, and forgiveness in a family that may have traded in selfishness, resentment, and judgment for many years.

Speaks well and kindly of family members who for whatever reasons have been rejected by some members of the same family. It is the person who is willing to reach out to the marginalized in order to draw them back into the fold.

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