Watch what you hoard

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Friday

Have you heard about the woman who left a town because people were unfriendly?

When pushed the she said the place was full of angry, judgmental people, just like the churches she’d also left.

She left the next town and church, and this time the book club, too.

Same reasons.

The woman got a return on her resentments.

She got back what she put out. Nothing wrong here. Works without fail.

You and I don’t get to escape this.

We get what we look for, find what our eyes are trained to find. Our lenses are shaped by what’s locked in our heads, hearts, souls. We trip over, time and again, what we accumulate.

You may have noticed that our beings (brains, hearts, souls) are wired to provide a rather complex backdrop of experiences to our every encounter and every context. It doesn’t take much information – or the lack of it – for what Freud dubbed projection to run its course.

Our dislikes, hates, are banked, vaulted in complex passageways and troves deeply within us. And yet, in an instant, a mere phrase, a whiff of scent, a vague facial likeness met in a “new” person can unlock our depths only to spew all manner of emotions, resentments, prejudices.

“Where did that come from?” an observer may legitimately ask.

It’s a return on resentment.

Watch what you hoard.

I’ll try to do the same.

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