Do you live around excessive use of alcohol?

by Rod Smith

The Mercury – Tuesday

If you live around the excessive use of alcohol but are not the one who drinks….

Every relationship feels temporary.

If things are going poorly, or things are going well – anxiety is still ever-present. Conditions can switch in a heartbeat.

Everything seems to exist on platform of anxiety because “normal” feels as if things are about to fall apart.

Any expressed conflict, even the slightest disagreement, feels like relationships are about to unravel.

Everything is a trade. Nothing is really as it may seem. You have to look behind and beyond all requests, demands, and pleas, in order to see what it is that a person (any person) may REALLY want.

All love is held in suspicion and there is no such thing as unconditional love – love comes with a price and you are always the one footing the bill.

Even if repeatedly told that an issue, any issue, like causing someone to be drunk or trying to get someone to be sober, or feeling responsible for the lack of money in the house, or being the cause of the conflict in the house, is not your responsibility, or yours to fix, you nonetheless feel the pressure of all of it upon your shoulders.

Any of the above true for you? Please, reach out to Al Anon in your area.

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