Healthy and unhealthy people

by Rod Smith

Healthy people employ healthy boundaries. They are able to see the distinction between themselves and others. They know people require space and separation as well as togetherness and connection in order to function well.

Healthy people have a sense of direction. They plan a future and watch it unfold with a sense of excitement and expectancy.

Healthy people offer others a high degree of cooperation. They can work toward declared goals both alone and with others depending on the needs or task at hand.

Healthy people are unafraid to express their thoughts while also aware that everything they think doesn’t have to be expressed.

Healthy people can lead others and follow. They are not fixated on hierarchy or titles. They want the equipped or qualified person to do a job despite rank or the lack of it.

Unhealthy people are invasive, entitled, dismissive of legitimate authority, and constantly threaten to “go to the top” if things don’t go their way. They are injustice collectors; they are easily offended and easily bruised. They hold grudges and are slow to forgive. They crave attention – positive or negative. They work hard at derailing happy and productive people.

The challenge remains: bring your healthiest self to work everyday.

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