Letters to the young…..

by Rod Smith

Your parents are the most important people you will ever know.

Get things right with them, and you’ll be poised for success.

By “right” I mean embark on the ongoing journey to develop your skills by loving, honoring, enjoying, and negotiating with them.

If you don’t, if you settle for on-going conflict, you will probably spend a lifetime engaged in conflicts large and small with others, especially with those whom you love.

Your parents are the springboards for everything.

Treat them well.

Of course I am well aware that not all parents are committed to their children or deserve the kind of respect and effort I am suggesting.

In very unusual circumstances, parents have been particularly evil. This is so unusual and I’d encourage young people from such families to communicate with me directly.

Yes. Your imperfect mother and father, with all their faults and failings, are the perfect training ground for you to learn and discover almost everything you need to know about how life works.

Get what you can, while you can – in faith, in humility, and with grace.

The rewards are timeless.

One Comment to “Letters to the young…..”

  1. I read your article on your word for the younger people and my heart was filled with gratitude for a word like this and hopefully many young people will read it. Unfortunately my heart is also saddened because we are trying to find ways to maintain relationship with our only child and her husband. We are being corrected and reprimanded by them (specially our daughter) many times to the extend that I sometimes want to say to her : “Remember I am your mother, you can’t say these things to me and what I have learned a long time ago, what you still have to learn”. I sometimes sense they feel they are the parents and they can teach us about life rather than the other way round. We as parents have lived life and have learned valuable lessons in many valleys through and our walk with God we came out stronger and closer to Him. We don’t want to parent our children but we miss being part of and drawn in into their lives on a friendship level and sometimes to be part of the process of decision making even if it is only to be a soundboard to them. They process it only with spiritual leaders in the church or friends. We have a high regard for them as a couple and we can’t fault them. We are aware of things God is going to work out in them and through them but it is not up to us to address it. They are a loving family and wonderful parents to their two little boys but we feel as if we are being pushed aside and we have to stand on the side of the road watching them running the race of life and we are not part of it. We are cheering them on but we are not ever asked about any skills or lessons we learned in our race. We are aware that we have made mistakes as parents and we have asked for forgiveness and we are willing to work through issues whenever we encounter issues but I am saddened to say that we are struggling as parents and grandparents and your article pushed all the painful buttons we are not experiencing in our relationship with our daughter and the non existent relationship with our son in law.

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