Be bold

by Rod Smith

  1. There’s a change you need to make and you’ve known it for a long time. It’s time. Be bold. Make the change, be it an internal shift or a change in relationship status, a professional move, or a change in geography. Both strength and courage will flow as you need them. Power to act comes with the decision to act and kicks in with the first, nerve-wracking step. Courage will be unleashed as you act no matter how tentative your first steps may be. It’s boldness time.
  2. There’s a repair you know you need to make, a relationship to restore, a harsh word you need to own and retract. You’ve hurt people and it’s time to do what you can to make things as right as possible. Be humble and yet bold. Humility and boldness are intimates, not opposites. Make your repairs face-to-face if possible, or voice-to-voice, or by letter, but never by text or email or through a third party. Be bold, get it done.
  3. There’s a dream or vision that’s buggged you for years, a desire, an aspiration, something you’d often envisioned but never quite has the kutzpah to launch. Be humble. Be kind. And do it. Go. Be bold.
  4. There are people you’ve always wanted to acknowledge and thank. Go ahead. Find them. Be bold. Do it.

One Comment to “Be bold”

  1. Thank you so much for your powerful, healthy and encouraging messages. They are helpful indeed. Please keep up the good work and God bless.

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