A reader writes, having heard the dreaded words…

by Rod Smith

“My husband of 28 years retired in 2003. After a trip to help my parents I got back to a vacant eyed alien who wouldn’t let me sleep in my own bed. ‘I love you but I am not in love with you,’ he said. We attended ‘his’ mediation sessions because he didn’t like ‘my’ counselors. He set me up masterfully. Making me think he was working on the relationship while seeing lawyers. Asking me on dates while arranging with his ‘friend’ to move in. Telling me he would always take care of me when he could care less about my health. I gave up my career to follow him around the world. We had 15 moves in 25 years. My son attended 8 different schools. I am used up. I have back problems and bad knees because of course he was never around when it was time to move. I’m 55, too old to sing and dance and he throws me away. He’s a big-shot pundit on TV now but he is just like every other unimaginative man when it comes to dumping his wife. ‘I love you, I’m just not in love with you anymore.’” (Edited to 200 words)

One Comment to “A reader writes, having heard the dreaded words…”

  1. I understand the depth of love that will go the extra mile for a beloved. I have long since realized the issue was not whether or not he cared about me but how much I cared about me. You’re not too old to sing and dance. Forgiving the hurt and letting it go will add years to your life. Reclaim your health because you deserve to be treated well. Make a list of what you can do just for you. Acts of kindness, including the random kind, for yourself will make you smile. Smile a lot, intentionally, for no reason except that you want to. Pray to God to renew your mind and to put a new song in your heart. He will. I will pray for you.

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